How to use the comfortwash blankie™

  1. Fill tub with warm water. One inch if you are using an adult tub, or as you see fit.
  2. Wrap baby in the comfortwash blankie like this: lay the baby in the center of the blankie and wrap the bottom and sides around the baby a) Lay the comfortwash blankie flat; b) place the baby on the blankie; c) bring the bottom up through the babies legs; and d) wrap the sides over the torso (tummy),leaving the arms free.
  3. Gently place baby in tub and move water over the baby and blankie.
  4. Use the comfortwash blankie to wash the baby.
  5. Keep in mind that you can use the top of the cloth to wash the head and the bottom to wash the bottom of baby and the sides of the comfortwash blankie to wash the sides, face and neck of baby.

Always having some part of the comfortwash blankie on the body of the baby while washing the other parts of baby will keep baby comfortable and happy. Moving water over the blankie as you are washing baby will keep the blankie warm. This is a very comforting way to wash and care for your baby. Never think that you can leave your baby alone even for one second while baby is in the tub. Enjoy and have fun. No more itsy bitsy tiny little wash cloths.

When you are finished bathing baby, unwrap baby and leave the blankie in the tub. Wrap your baby in a warm dry towel. Later, rinse and wring out the blankie for the next use or wash and dry for next use.